Giving Back

Mother’s Day Makeover Winner: Something to Smile About

As proud members of the Old Town Community, we have been blessed by the support of our neighbors for over thirty years. To show our solidarity and appreciation, Old Town Smiles performs pro bono dental work for four to six community members every year. Most dental issues, if untreated, can greatly impact a person’s quality of life. The pain and price of fixing these issues can easily become overwhelming, creating a sense of hopelessness. We strive to re-energize all facets of life by giving our community members what many of us take for granted: a beautiful, healthy smile!

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Running Brooke

The team at Old Town Smiles is proud to be involved with RunningBrooke, an incredible organization that supports our local community! During a recent volunteer day, we worked to install a pollinator garden for the local community. Thank you Running Brooke for sponsoring such a wonderful event.

Old Town Smiles is proud to be a sponsor of our patient, Brooke Curran. Brooke is the founder of Running Brooke, a non-profit organization that was started with an effort to raise funds to give back to underserved children residing in Alexandria, VA.

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Ocean Crest Alliance (OCA)

Ocean Crest Alliance (OCA) is a nonprofit organization that Dr. Ahmed is very passionate about. OCA is dedicated to honor, protect and restore the health of the world’s oceans and the life of the earth’s systems through conservation, research, education, science and technology. Dr. Ahmed is actively involved in raising awareness and funds to help develop marine protected areas in Florida and the Bahamas.

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