Anti-Aging Dentistry

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Anti-Aging Dentistry can help you achieve a more youthful appearance by diminishing wrinkles, plumping up lips, and perfecting smiles thus making patients look years younger without surgery.


As you grow older, the lower portion of your face begins to shrink, your muscles aren’t as firm, and your teeth wear down. As your teeth wear down the jaw can be prevented from closing properly which causes pain. With cosmetic dentistry, we are able to drastically reduce wrinkles, improve functionality and eliminate discomfort through manipulation of tooth size, color and width. Black spaces between the teeth is another sign of aging but fortunately this can be corrected with crowns or veneers. Stained, dingy teeth can be a sign of aging.

Changing the color, size and shape of the teeth can take off years of your age, thus creating a more youthful appearance. Wrinkles around your lips and mouth can be minimized by building out the teeth with veneers or crowns. A one on one consultation with our doctors is necessary in order to understand each patient’s concerns and needs.


Once we have determined through a consultation and comprehensive exam that you are a candidate, we will have our master ceramist create a mock wax up of your new smile. The teeth will be prepared, an impression will be made and you will be fitted with temporaries that look exactly like the wax up.

While you are in temporaries we will have you continue with your routine dental care at home. A few weeks later, you will come in for your final visit where the permanent restorations will be bonded to your teeth. Changing the color, size, shape of your teeth can take years off of your age. Our patients often tell us that creating a new smile has change their life.

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