Smile Design

Offered at our convenient location in Alexandria, VA

smile_denticareSmile design is a combination of services that is customized to achieve a client’s smile goals and desires.

The smile design process requires great skill, experience, and most importantly, communication between the doctor and our client. We will create a unique smile design to fit our client’s age, sex, and facial features.


Clients can range from wanting two teeth changed to their entire mouth. At your cosmetic consultation, our highly trained team will do a comprehensive exam. This includes a one on one discussion about your past dental history and present concerns. We will also take digital x-rays, diagnostic photos, and the doctor will perform a thorough exam.


The exam will include a cavity check, oral cancer screening and an evaluation of your bite. Once your comprehensive exam is complete you will meet with your doctor to discuss your smile design. You can also combine your appointment with a hygiene cleaning and a full mouth periodontal probing to determine if you have any signs of gum disease.