Teeth Whitening

Offered at our convenient location in Alexandria, VA

teeth-whiteningTeeth Whitening or bleaching is our most popular cosmetic dental procedure because it produces instant results! It can be done in the office or at home.

Teeth whitening is effective for whitening stained and discolored teeth and making a smile whiter and brighter. Stains can be caused by factors such as smoking, diet or medications.

Before & After Photos

The Consultation

Our doctors would make a recommendation for each individual whether they are a candidate for in-office ZOOM whitening, customized take-home whitening trays, or both. Zoom 2 is our in office whitening system. This procedure is fast and efficient. It combines a gentle but potent whitening gel with a powerful laser light.

With ZOOM 2 your teeth can be brighten up to ten shades!

Take-home trays are a convenient and efficient method of teeth whitening as well. With this procedure impressions of your teeth are taken so that we can create a comfortable, custom-made thin flexible trays that fit you perfectly. You are provided with whitening gel to wear in your trays in the convenience of your own home. Our doctors recommend combining both systems for maximum results. The trays are a great way to refresh and maintain your great results!