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All-on-4-implant-475The ALL-on-4 procedure utilizes implants to support prosthetic teeth that are comfortable and natural looking. All-on-4 denture eliminate the need for messy adhesives and diminish the need for multiple sets of dentures over time by anchoring dentures in place with dental implants and promoting jawbone health, so that patients can retain as much bone and tissue as possible.


An ideal candidate would be a client that has no or very few teeth, is a long time denture wearer, one that has to wear denture adhesive to keep their denture in place, dentures that just don’t fit and constantly moves or hurts.

All-On-4 Procedure

The All-in-4 method works by using a series of dental implants embedded in strategic locations to anchor and support an entire arch of prosthetic teeth. Four to six implants are surgically placed directly into the upper or lower jawbones. Once placed, the bone will integrate around the titanium implant posts ultimately securing them in place. A beautiful set of teeth are then attached to the abutments on the implants. This allows the patients to eat and speak comfortably without denture movement and the teeth are very natural looking. An added benefit to implant supported dentures is that the implants act similar to the roots of the teeth and help prevent jawbone atrophy. When compared to the cost associated with relining and remaking new sets of dentures as the mouth changes shape, the All-in-4 method is more cost effective.

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