Dental Treatment for Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Offered at our convenient location in Alexandria, VA

Do you suffer from snoring and sleep apnea? Did you know 50-70 million Americans suffer from one or more sleep disorders?

sleep-apnea-treatmentEighteen million have obstructive sleep apnea whereby there are episodes throughout the night when breathing stops for 10 seconds or greater and oxygen levels in the blood may drop dangerously low. This can affect the heart and other organs, as well as being associated with Type ll Diabetes, Gastric Reflux, daytime sleepiness, depression, headaches, grinding of the teeth, increased heart attacks, strokes and death.

Old Town Smiles offers a variety of treatments for snoring and sleep apnea.

Beginning with a simple Home Sleep Screening, it is possible to evaluate for the presence of sleep- disordered breathing. We work closely under the guidance of Board Certified Sleep Physicians in our evaluation when sleep apnea is present.

A removable oral appliance is typically used to relieve symptoms of snoring and mild-to-moderate sleep apnea. This appliance is custom made to fit the patient’s mouth. It is designed to help keep the jaws in proper alignment to keep the airways always open during sleep. Home sleep studies help evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy.

Following successful dental sleep medicine therapy, our patients report feeling more alert and active, have higher metabolism.

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