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What if you could actually SEE the future of your smile before any treatment begins? If you could fully visualize what the outcome could be, and even be able to give input to ensure you get the smile of your own personal dreams? That's exactly what Digital Smile Design offers. Gone are the days where your smile transformation was done through guesswork and a lack of predictability. This innovative approach to highly predictable dental aesthetics allows you to preview and participate in the creation of your new smile, blending advanced technology with personalized care.

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What Is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a modern dental treatment planning digital technique that uses cutting-edge technology to design, modify, visualize, and ultimately create your perfect smile. It combines the use of photography, videography, and computer-aided design to analyze your unique facial and dental structures, enabling us to craft a smile that harmonizes with your overall appearance - taking your lips, facial proportions, jaw structure, etc into consideration. Smile designs can be highly personalized, based on a person's own unique preferences and goals, and can be aesthetically maximized to best harmonize with the rest of the facial features through this highly innovative technology. DSD is not just about teeth; it's about understanding and enhancing the entire facial harmony. 

Once your dentist uses all the diagnostic information to digitally create your proposed smile with an accredited dental laboratory, you are invited back to the office to preview your new, beautiful smile on a digital rendering, or "mock-up." From here, you can suggest changes you want, or you can move right to the approval stage, which will result in exact prototypes being made from the design to be transferred to your mouth. This high level of consistency and predictability takes the guesswork out of the "old way" of doing smile makeovers. There are no surprises with this method, which leads to significantly higher patient satisfaction in knowing they will get exactly what they signed up for!

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Digital Smile Design allows you to visualize, modify, and approve your intended results before even starting treatment.

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The Benefits of Digital Smile Design

highly Personalized Treatment

Each design is tailored to your unique facial structure as well as your own cosmetic preferences, ensuring a smile that looks natural and suits you perfectly. Have a "family gap" between your two front teeth that you want to maintain? Have tooth size imperfections you want to hide and even out? If you desire it, we can design it, and can help you visualize how it would look within the frame of your smile and your face overall, before you ever make a decision to move forward with your makeover.

truly Predictable Results

With DSD, you can see, modify, and approve the proposed plan before any treatment begins, offering a clear vision of the expected outcome. Before this advanced technology was available, dentists would need to rely on lab technicians to design a smile that sometimes ended up differently than the patient's desires. This is no longer the case, and predictability is critical to the success of the makeover, as well as to the peace of mind of both the patient and the dentist. A predictable outcome makes everyone happy!

Enhanced Comfort and Confidence

Modern technology, along with detailed, sophisticated digital planning ahead of time, leads to more efficient treatments with less discomfort, less variability, and a lot less "surprise" at the outcome. This method greatly boosts your confidence throughout the process, as well as your satisfaction upon completion.

The Digital Smile Design Treatment Process

Initial Consultation and Analysis

We start with a thorough consultation to understand your needs and specific goals and desires. High-quality photographs of your face and teeth are taken at various angles and positions to analyze your smile. A 3D intraoral scan is made of your teeth, which will be digitally merged with your photos to create the smile preview.

Smile Design and Preview

Using advanced dental design software, we design your new proposed smile and present a digital preview, allowing you to fully visualize the final result and make any desired adjustments. Because the preview is situated within a high quality photograph of your face, you can really get an accurate portrayal of how you will look, rather than a standalone design of the teeth themselves, the way a traditional "wax up" is done. There is no substitute for this process. In some cases, we can take this a step further to actually "try in" the new smile, right over your existing teeth, to help you visualize it even further, and suggest any modifications you may desire.

pre-Approved Treatment and smile Transformation

Once you approve the design, we proceed with the treatment. Whether it involves veneers, crowns, gum lifts, orthodontics, or a combination thereof, this detailed planning process ensures a smooth, comfortable journey to your dream smile. The digital smile design is transferred to a prototype that you will wear for several weeks while your permanent restorations are being custom made by a cosmetic dental lab, giving you even more time for final tweaks or adjustments you may desire. These changes can all still be made to your digital design for the best possible final outcome. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us to speak with our team.

How long does the Digital Smile Design process take?

The Digital Smile Design process is tailored to each individual, so the duration varies. Generally, it begins with a detailed consultation where we discuss your goals and take initial images. The design phase follows, where we create a digital mockup of your smile. This phase can be quick, but we take the time to ensure every detail is perfect. Once the design is approved, the actual dental work begins. This could be as simple as a few appointments for minor adjustments or more extended treatment for complex cases like orthodontics or implants. The entire process could range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of your case and the specific treatments required.

Is Digital Smile Design suitable for everyone?

Digital Smile Design is a versatile and adaptable approach, and is a good option for a wide range of patients looking to improve their smile. Whether you're considering minor cosmetic enhancements or more extensive reconstructive work, DSD can be an effective solution to discover treatment results before starting on the journey.

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