How To Get Whiter Teeth Fast

Everyone is working towards a brilliantly white smile. There seem to be endless numbers of products available today that offer “instant teeth whitening.” However, the products you buy in a store will, at best, take a few weeks to improve your teeth and these products do not have professional-grade ingredients that will transform your teeth quickly. Teeth bleaching services offered at a dentist’s office will whiten teeth quickly and effectively.

At Old Town Smiles, we offer treatments that will improve your teeth in less than an hour!

On top of bleaching treatments, there are daily steps you can take to ensure healthy, white teeth. Daily practices to elongate the health and color of your teeth include:


Brush your teeth twice a day and after sugary treats. Brushing your teeth will help remove debris and food that will leave harmful bacteria on your teeth. This bacteria will build up and break down the enamel that protects your teeth.


It is very important to floss your teeth. Food gets stuck in between your teeth every single day. If food is stuck in between your teeth, its bacteria will fight and break down teeth. Flossing helps remove this food and strengthen your gums.


Rinsing your mouth with a dentist-approved mouthwash will help clean your teeth and gums as well as rid your mouth of bad-smelling bacteria.


These dental check-ups are crucial to good oral care. Dental check-ups allow professionally trained oral care personnel to inspect your teeth. These check-ups often include x-rays, to ensure your teeth are healthy all the way down to the root. A measurement of the gums also helps dental hygienists gauge the health of your gums. These tests and measurements help the dental staff have a good understanding of your oral health.

Aside from the tests, the dental hygienist will also remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque and tartar build-up on the teeth not only break down the teeth, but they also discolor the teeth. Once these unhealthy bacteria and proteins have been removed, the hygienist will polish your teeth.

A check-up should leave your teeth clean, shiny, and brighter!

Your oral health is a great indicator of your overall health.

From the knowledge the hygienist gains from the dental examination, they can help you understand the state of your teeth and if any adjustments need to be done to improve the health of your mouth. Your body’s systems are all connected and your mouth is often a good indicator of how the rest of your body is doing. A semi-annual check-up is also a great time to have your mouth screened for cancer. Screenings do not take very long and are a very healthy practice.

Aside from good oral care, there are many over-the-counter products you can use to whiten your teeth, such as whitening strips. However, these products do not contain strong chemicals that will quickly whiten your teeth for long periods of time. Over-the-counter products do not provide the personalized care that a professional bleach whitening would provide.

In our teeth whitening procedures, we use a powerful light to improve the color of your teeth. This light reaches all of your teeth and will leave you with a brilliant smile! The method we use is called Zoom 2 and it requires a whitening gel to be applied to each of your teeth before the laser is emitted. Our teeth are like sponges, and instead of dying them white, the gel we apply draws stains out of the teeth’s pores. The gel is activated by the light and will rapidly improve the color of your teeth.

Over-the-counter products cannot work as rapidly as our treatment or effectively treat each tooth. Whitening strips are not customized to your teeth.

Whitening strips may irritate your gums because they are not tailored to the unique dimensions of your teeth. This may result in gum irritation or lightening. Whitening strips will not produce the uniform results professional bleaching will provide.

At Old Town Smiles we also offer take-home trays. These trays can be combined with your Zoom whitening treatment. A mold will be taken of your teeth so that your take-home tray will effectively treat each tooth. When you leave your Zoom treatment, you will receive your take-home tray and strong whitening gel to continue the treatment plan at home. This customization allows you to see results within a week with the long-term benefits you cannot get from whitening strips or another common over-the-counter product.

How can I get my teeth white overnight?

No over-the-counter products can produce dramatic results in twenty-four hours. A teeth whitening procedure, however, will improve your teeth by up to ten shades within an hour. You can combine this treatment with at-home whitening trays to enhance the results.

Professional teeth whitening will give you the results you want quickly. You will be able to smile brilliantly and confidently after a teeth bleaching treatment!

Can teeth go from yellow to white?

Yes! If you are bothered by discolored, yellow teeth, there are ways to make your teeth a few shades brighter. Your teeth whitening treatment will depend on the health and state of your teeth. Professional teeth whitening should not be pursued if you have cracks or decaying teeth. The whitening gel can get into these areas and irritate your tooth.

If you have crowns, fillings, or restorations these areas will not brighten. They are permanent fixtures and will not react to a teeth whitening procedure like natural enamel.

Teeth whitening gel may also negatively affect gum disease and irritate it. The gel may also irritate already sensitive teeth. A consultation with a dentist will help you understand if a professional bleaching treatment is a good option for your teeth!

Whitening with braces often leave your teeth discolored because the brackets that are glued to the teeth will leave a white square after it has been removed.

Teeth whitening with braces is often unavailable. It is best to wait until after your braces have been removed to pursue a whitening treatment. Pursuing whitening treatments with braces may have the opposite effect of whitening the tooth around the bracket. When the braces are removed the area the bracket was on would appear darker than the surrounding enamel.

The best way to keep your teeth white when you have braces is to practice the good oral care outlined by your orthodontist. Whitening toothpaste is your best solution to keeping your teeth white. Once your braces are removed you can pursue a professional whitening treatment that will improve upon the braces’ effect on your teeth.

If you have healthy teeth and gums, a teeth whitening procedure will turn your yellow teeth to white!

What causes teeth to turn yellow?

There are a number of external elements that will discolor the teeth. Products with high acidity and strong colors will stain and discolor your teeth over time. These products include coffee, soda, tomatoes, citrus, berries, candy, and wines. Many other foods will leave your teeth dyed or discolored when consumed over a long period of time.

Smoking also has a negative effect on the teeth. Habitual smoking will turn your teeth yellow and dark when practiced over a long period of time. Medications may also discolor your teeth when taken over a long time period.

As we age, our bodies produce fewer proteins and components that strengthen your teeth and keep them healthy. It is natural for the teeth to darken over time.

An unhealthy diet and poor oral care will quickly affect your teeth negatively, breaking them down and turning them yellow. The best way to keep your teeth white is with a healthy diet and good oral care.

Practicing flossing, regular brushing, mouth wash, and dental check-ups will help your teeth stay healthy and white for longer.

How can I make my teeth white in a week?

A professional procedure will leave you with whiter teeth after just one treatment! Our Zoom 2 treatment will improve your teeth in about fifty minutes and take-home trays will help improve your teeth throughout the following week. This combined method of teeth whitening is our recommended form of teeth bleaching. This treatment doesn’t take long and can lighten your teeth by up to ten shades.

You can make your teeth white in a week with a professional teeth whitening procedure!

After the treatment, your teeth may be sensitive but this symptom should fade within a couple of days. During this time period, use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth and avoid consuming extreme temperatures. If at any time the sensitivity is very uncomfortable, over-the-counter pain medication will help you feel comfortable again.

Can anyone get their teeth whitened?

People with unhealthy teeth or with a lot of fillings may not want to get their teeth whitened because the results would produce uneven colors. To truly know if a teeth whitening procedure is a good solution for your concerns, schedule a consultation with a dentist you trust. If you are near the Alexandria, Virginia area, our staff would be more than willing to schedule a consultation with you to help you get your best treatment!

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