Judgment-Free Zone Ahead: Why Old Town Smiles Takes Sedation Dentistry So Seriously

Judgment-Free Zone Ahead:  Why Old Town Smiles Takes Sedation Dentistry So Seriously

Imagine this: it’s been nearly 6 months that you have been waking up each morning with an aching in your mouth. It’s not just one tooth, but two, and it’s been affecting your ability to chew, smile and even get through the workday.

For some, this is a no brainer. Call your dentist, schedule an appointment, problem solved! But for many, the anxiety (or fear) that comes with going to the dentist leaves them paralyzed to seek out treatment, even when they are suffering.

At Old Town Smiles, our team is specially trained to work with high anxiety and high fear patients. We take your anxiety seriously and go to great lengths to ensure your comfort, at every step of the way. Your experience matters. You will be warmly greeted upon arrival, introduced to your assistant, and offered a comfort menu to enhance your experience. You will have a highly personal meeting with Dr. Ahmed as well, where she will listen to you without rushing you, and get to know your unique needs. We are also proud to offer all levels of sedation dentistry for any procedure, and as an added bonus, we are one of the only offices in the area to have a highly trained, certified therapy dog that is available to any of our patients.

Most importantly, we are a judgment-free zone. Haven’t brushed your teeth in 2 weeks? No problem, we can help! Haven’t been to the dentist in 10 years? No judgment from us. We get it, and we are here for you. We meet our patients where they are and do everything we can to ensure their appointment is as anxiety-free as possible.

As practiced by the highly-trained professionals at Old Town Smiles, sedation is safe and effectively provides relaxation and comfort during dental procedures.

Some patients need to be calmed before they get to the office, so we can also prescribe an oral medication to be taken prior to their appointment to help them relax.

Old Town Smiles offers multiple types of sedation :

  • Hospital-grade General Anesthesia
  • IV Sedation
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Sedatives
  • Cuddle Therapy with a trained therapy dog

Our certified therapy dog, Scotch, is available for appointments. Recent scientific studies have shown that situational fear is greatly reduced when a therapy dog is present in a medical setting. Scotch is a certified therapy dog with specific training and experience in dental offices to help patients with anxiety or phobia, or just anyone in need of a good cuddle! Scotch has a very calming presence, and brings a lot of joy to those around him. He has been known to stay nearby when he can sense fear or anxiety, and also will peacefully nap on your lap during your appointment, if you so desire.

We want to encourage our current and future patients to remember that dental anxiety is much more common than you think, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. We make every effort to meet you where you are, and together we will overcome the obstacles that keep you from the healthy smile you deserve.


The Caring Team at Old Town Smiles (& Scotch)

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