Is Teeth Cleaning Good Or Bad?

Regular teeth cleanings are an important part of maintaining healthy oral care and a bright smile for years to come! Teeth cleanings are an essential part of your year. They allow dentists to assess your teeth and make sure no work needs to be done. Scaling, plaque removal, and general cleaning will give your smile a healthy boost! X-rays may also be taken to ensure nothing is occurring below the surface of your teeth and gums.

We always encourage our patients to undergo an oral cancer screening to make sure everything is going well and catch any developments early on. Prevention is the key to health. We strive to provide comfortable, friendly preventative care that will keep your smile healthy through every stage of your life.

Is it painful to get a deep cleaning at the dentist?

Some people don’t feel discomfort while others have a higher sensitivity. We want each of our patients to have a positive experience.

We offer a range of sedation options to provide comfortable cleaning.


An hour before their appointment, patients can take a pill. This oral sedative will provide a calming effect during the appointment. This pill will allow the patient to remain conscious and able to interact with our staff. Pills that may be offered to the patient include Valium, Halcon, and Atarax.

An oral sedative may make you feel sleepy so a friend should drive you home after the appointment.


Laughing gas is a combination of nitrous gas and oxygen.

This is one of our most popular choices. The gas will be inhaled through a nasal cannula during the appointment, helping the patient feel relaxed and content. Nitrous oxide allows the patient to interact with our staff during the cleaning. One of the greatest benefits of laughing gas is that the effects quickly pass once the gas is no longer being inhaled.


This form of sedation will keep the patient relaxed and unaware during the appointment. The patient can be kept awake and have the ability to interact with the staff when necessary. An IV sedation is administered intravenously and will quickly relax the patient.


This form of anesthesia is for patients with special needs and severe anxiety. If you or a family member qualify for general anesthesia, reach out to our office.

Levels of Sedation

Some patients may need less or more sedation than others. We will adjust your level of sedation to guarantee your most comfortable treatment experience. Most patients opt for moderate sedation. This level will allow you to speak and function but your body will be very relaxed. Make sure to indicate what a level of sedation you are interested in when you schedule your appointment.

We recognize that not everyone is the same and will have different pain tolerances. This is why we offer different strengths of pain medication. We want you to be comfortable and have the best smile you can achieve!

Is it necessary to get a deep cleaning at the dentist?

Yes. Bacteria and plaque build up on the teeth after each meal and snack. Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash are excellent for daily care but tough bacteria will build up on your teeth and between your teeth and gums. These bacteria will break down your teeth and cause cavities and discoloration. The bacteria can also infect your gums, causing inflammation and discomfort. Deep cleaning often refers to scaling. This treatment uses a few different instruments to remove plaque and bacteria below the gums.

Deep cleanings work to prevent bone loss.

Left without regular deep cleanings, the bacteria and plaque will break down teeth, causing them to become loose and the gums to become infected.

Poor oral care and your overall health are connected. Pre-existing health conditions like diabetes and heart disease can weaken your teeth, causing oral diseases to become more prominent. Unhealthy teeth and gums can also be a sign of an existing health issue that you are not aware of. Make sure to be aware of any oral issues, take good care of your teeth, and schedule regular cleanings.

Does dental cleaning make teeth whiter?

Removing harmful plaque and bacteria will preserve the color and health of your teeth. However, a dental cleaning will not lighten your teeth or remove stains. If you are interested in improving the color of your teeth and boosting your smile, we offer professional teeth whitening services.


Our in-office whitening system often referred to as power bleaching, is fast-acting. Your teeth can be ten shades whiter in less than an hour! For a dazzling smile, contact our office and ask about the Zoom 2 system.


That’s right, professional grade teeth whitening can be done from the convenience of your own home! Our staff will take a mold of your teeth and create personalized trays. You will be given a whitening gel solution to apply to your teeth.

Both systems will whiten your teeth. Patients who implement both see the most impressive results!

What is professional teeth cleaning?

Professional teeth cleaning is a healthy practice that should be performed at least twice a year. A professional tooth cleaning includes a few different steps. The overall process will be to examine your periodontal health and remove any built-up bacteria. A teeth cleaning will include:

Scaling. Considered deep cleaning, this technique requires various instruments to remove bacteria between the teeth and gums. The dental hygienist will measure the depth of your gums and see if you are developing any issues in your gums.

Polishing and Debridement. Tartar can make your teeth appear discolored and will slowly break down the enamel of your teeth. Enamel is like armor for your teeth and helps to keep them healthy. This cleaning method will loosen and remove tartar, making your teeth smooth and healthy.

X-rays. These photos may not always be needed but X-rays may be included in your examination if you haven’t had any in a while or if any teeth look unhealthy.

Towards the end of your appointment, Dr. Ahmed will go over your teeth and make sure everything looks great! If they notice any concerns, they will explain the issue to you and make a treatment plan that sets you up for a healthy smile.

Is professional teeth cleaning necessary?

Yes. Professional teeth cleaning will improve the quality of your teeth and allow you to maintain a healthy smile for years to come! Our goal is to prevent the development of cavities, oral cancer, and oral diseases. Professional cleanings will allow you to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile!

How much does it cost for a dental cleaning?

Most insurances cover dental cleaning so you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket. Before your appointment, give our office a call to make sure we take your insurance.

How often should I get my teeth cleaning?

It’s best to have your teeth cleaned every six months but some patients may need to have their teeth cleaned more frequently. Whether every three months, four months or six months, our dentists will develop a treatment plan that is customized for you and your unique oral health.

What’s important is that you attend your teeth cleanings so you can maintain your best smile!

How long does a dental cleaning take?

Dental cleanings often take an hour but the time can change depending on additional treatments and the work required. Our office offers a wide selection of gum and teeth treatments. Oral cancer screenings can be included in teeth cleanings to ensure you are healthy. We also offer dry mouth therapy and fluoride treatments to keep your teeth and mouth in good shape!

No matter what’s included in your dental cleaning we will work quickly and efficiently to ensure your teeth are properly treated and cared for. If you have any time restraints, let our staff know so we can make adjustments.

What do dentists do during a cleaning?

Oral hygienists often perform cleanings while dentists treat and work with other patients. Towards the end of your cleaning, a dentist will examine your teeth and look into any concerns the oral hygienist noted. Once your teeth have been given the green light by Dr. Ahmed, your cleaning can be drawn to an end.

Can teeth cleaning damage your teeth?

Teeth cleanings should not damage your teeth when they are performed by a trained, qualified hygienist and dentist. A teeth cleaning will remove harmful materials from your teeth and assess whether any cavities or infections have developed.

A teeth cleaning should leave your teeth in good health.

Teeth cleanings are an important part of a healthy smile. Not only will they allow your smile to stay lovely for years to come, but they will also help prevent uncomfortable oral issues. Stay up to date with your cleanings and notify us if you experience any discomfort or tooth sensitivity.

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile!

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